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It shows information about the weather conditions for planning a flight
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WxCheck is an excellent tool for having at hand all the information about the weather conditions for planning a flight. This information is acquired from the National Weather Service homepage.
Basically all the information is displayed in the 'Current' tab: at the top left of the window is the information about the station (Airport), AFC (Aviation Flight Category), time, elevation, pressure altitude, density altitude, altimeter, visibility, wind direction and others. There are also shortcuts for the airnav, AOPA, and charts web sites. At the top right is a graphic of the METAR wind direction/speed and the information of runway dimensions, headwind, crosswind. At the center is a box with the 6-hour forecast for forecast stations within 150 miles. You can check information of previous dates with the slider bar located at the center of the window. At the bottom left of the window are graphs of the wind direction, visibility, wind speed, ceiling, and altimeter. At the bottom right are the runaway panels.

You can select a different airport by clicking on any of the station quick buttons located at the center right of the window or by opening the 'Airport' tab, where you will also find all the US airports plus the international airports from all over the world. The 'Metars' tab shows the report of the station selected. In the Options tab you can define the maximum and minimum values used for the alerts. One important feature is that you can add or edit the information for airports and aircrafts.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can add or edit the information for airports and aircrafts


  • Trial version can be only used for 30 days
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